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THE HORROR!!!...........

2011-09-01 06:10:44 by ScorpionReturn5

Of which is called 2 Girls 1 Cup. Found the video and now I'm regretting it IMMENSLEY!!! My eyeballs felt like they were on f***ing fire and now I'm not even sure I can glimpse at my own bodily fluids wether they be from sickness, bathroom or otherwise.

Will someone PLEASE explain to me what would give those two.......those two walking sewage lines the idea for something that immoral?!

Heavenly Father above please strike those two disgusters down with all your might! PLEASE!!

Ever Have Those Days...?

2011-01-15 14:11:13 by ScorpionReturn5

Where you get a pain somewhere on your body and the damn thing doesn't go away for at least a week? Happened to me and let me tell you you don't ever want to get it in your mouth, that's for damn sure. Hard to eat and the pain makes you want to knock down a cement wall.

Chat Box.

2010-10-23 01:39:11 by ScorpionReturn5

If anyone knows a place where I can put a shoutbox on my site then please post a link leading me to one.

I'm also in an especially nasty mood. Prank me on this and you're going to get a cussing of a lifetime.

Just letting you all know that after so many months of being inactive my site just kind of drifted off to the net junk pile and the link was shit too however I have gotten it fixed and completely remade my site.

Now you don't need to copy and paste this link just go to the one in my profile, like I said I've gotten it fixed and ready to go.

Also I'm going to need at least three Mods just for security measures.



Well I'm officially getting old. Turning 20 in a short time..................................
................normally I don't like this month but I'm trying to tolerate it.

Easier said than done.

Ok so I pretty much figured that just making heads of the stick characters wasn't really much of a preview so I made this to make up for it.

Hope you like it considering it took me an hour to get it done without really rushing.

PS: I'm actually considering turning this into a Comic Series. I can't do Flash Animations well so maybe turning it into a Comic would be better.

Anyone agree?


Icon Help Needed.

2010-04-29 13:07:57 by ScorpionReturn5

I can't find a decent BioShock Icon that I'm allowed to use as an Image here and I could really use some help with it.

If anyone manages to find a Gif BioShock Icon then please let me know and put the link here on my profile when or if you respond.

A Little Help.

2009-06-04 02:59:14 by ScorpionReturn5

Just a need even the littlest help here. I was wondering how you Blam and Save Flashes on here. Where do you go to do so?

I need my Civilian ranked change. Mostly because as an Army man I find it a little insulting.

God I'm so sick of the shit that goes on in this world. I just got done reading a Yahoo CNN News or around there and some asshole poor excuse of a father took PCP and actually chewed his sons eyes out.

One got chewed out and the other mutilated. The kid probably won't regain his sight.

How sick is that?

Let Me Know What You Think

2009-04-08 20:35:38 by ScorpionReturn5

Just leave comments about some of my drawings here. Easy now. It's hard to draw on word art and with a laptop.

This one is my better work. On the computer anyways.

Let Me Know What You Think