Entry #11

THE HORROR!!!...........

2011-09-01 06:10:44 by ScorpionReturn5

Of which is called 2 Girls 1 Cup. Found the video and now I'm regretting it IMMENSLEY!!! My eyeballs felt like they were on f***ing fire and now I'm not even sure I can glimpse at my own bodily fluids wether they be from sickness, bathroom or otherwise.

Will someone PLEASE explain to me what would give those two.......those two walking sewage lines the idea for something that immoral?!

Heavenly Father above please strike those two disgusters down with all your might! PLEASE!!


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2011-09-01 06:35:44

Lol I am never gonna watch that, not even if I was drunk and my keyboard was on fire

ScorpionReturn5 responds:

And I encourage you NOT to my friend. You will regret it BIG time trust me on that.


2015-04-25 04:46:31


ScorpionReturn5 responds: